Cleaning Warehouse is a family business with a very humble beginning. It was started by Vossie Vorster in the mid 90’s with a mere R200. At the very start, Vossie did door-to-door sales, and it was only a year or so later that he started manufacturing cleaning chemicals himself. Many thousands of liters “went down the drain” so to speak, but he did not give up. The business grew and so did the range of products.

Vossie had a dream and in 2001 opened the first Cleaning Warehouse in Pretoria North. At that time, everything happened on one premises: Manufacturing, Sales, Customers… It was only a few years later that a factory was erected. The bank did not approve a building loan, and in faith the factory was built without this.

Theirs is a story of getting up after defeat. In 2012, their factory tragically burned to the ground. By grace none was injured. Despite almost everything being destroyed by the fire, the server with all the product data and the cupboard with the building plans and insurance documents remained intact. This was another miracle in their journey of miracles.

Just on 7 years later, rebuilding the old factory premises into a brand new distribution centre has just started. The miracles continue. A story of grace. A family who have refused to give up. Who by the Grace of God continue to walk in the miracle of Provision and Favor.

Cleaning Warehouse is truly “Your gateway to clean living”.

Free delivery for orders above R1000, provided it is within a radius of 25km of the nearest shop.